1. Papers on Tullock's Work and Ideas

2. Papers Extending Tullock's Work

3. Remembrances: Tullock Tales

4. Letters and Salutations

5. Birthday Celebration

. .
1. Papers on Tullock's Work and Ideas .
Gordon Brady, 
George Mason University
"On the Origins of a Scholar"
Roger D. Congleton, 
George Mason University
"Politics by Extraordinary Means"
Robert D. Tollison, 
University of Mississippi
"Rent Seeking:  Setting the Record Straight"
2. Papers Extending Tullock's Work
Charles D. Coleman
U.S. Census Bureau
"Why Donít Democracies Go to War?"
Gordon Brady
George Maons University
"Rent Seeking: Valuing Tullockís Rejects"
3. Remembrances: Tullock Tales
David J. Barnes
Seton Hall Law School
"Enduring Lessons from Gordon Tullock"
Prof.em.Dr.Dr.h.c. Peter Bernholz
Basel Switzerland
"The Flying Ambassador"
Dr. James M. Buchanan
Buchanan Center for Political Economy
George Mason University
"Gordon Tullock and the University of Virginia"
John Blundell and Colin Robinson
Institute of Economic Affairs, London
"Gordon Tullock and the IEA: Bridging the Atlantic"
Mark Crain
George Mason University
"When I First Met Gordon"
Charles Goetz
University of Virginia Law School
"Gordon's Fearsome Reputation"
David Henderson
"Trying to Feed Sparrows 
by Feeding Horses"
J. Ronnie Davis
Carnegie Mellon University
"First Days Who is that Masked Man, Anyway?"
Henry Manne
"Gordon's Mark on Manne"
Robert Nelson
State University of New York at Buffalo
"I Would Like to Say That This is a Perfect Example of a Boring Dissertation"
Akihito Udagawa
Meikai University
"Fostering Public Choice in Japan and 
other Asian Countries"
4. Letters and Salutations
Pamela Brown
"Irreparable Damage
Ned Garst
Rock ford, IL 
"My memories of Gordon Tullock span 65 years"
Janet Landa
University of Toronto
"Toast and Roast For Gordon Tullock"
Harold Hockman
Lafayette College
"Becoming Like Tullock"
David Kreutzer
James Madison University
"Tullock the Curmudgeon and Fraud"
Arthur and Marjorie Seldon
"Greetings to a Young Gordon Tullock"
Richard L. Walker
"Birthday Greetings"
Bruce Yandle
Clemson University
"Tullock the Teacher/Scholar"